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Manage your home at your fingertips

Experience the complete sense of well-being that a connected home offers with a reliable, simple and user-friendly home automation system. Home Intelligence by Somfy is designed to assist you at all times, make your day to day life easier, and promise you more comfort, more security and more time for yourself.

Whether at home or remotely, the TaHoma Living App enables you to manage your home using a smartphone and control, centralise and programme all connected equipment: curtains, blinds, lighting, air conditioning, audio & video, etc.

With Somfy, say hello to smart home!



Smart Life is having balancing natural and artificial light

By using the automatic scenarios for your connected lights, blinds and curtains, TaHoma® always ensures that you have the right level of brightness at sunrise or sunset. Do you like waking up naturally with the sun and spending your evenings in a subdued ambiance? From sunrise, the automated curtains let the daylight in while the automated blinds come down at dusk and artificial lighting takes over. 



Smart Life is having Perfect Climate Control 

When it gets too hot outside, TaHoma® ensures that the temperature inside is kept optimal. Thanks to the temperature and humidity sensors, it turns on the air conditioning and activates the connected curtains which adopt the desired position to keep your home cool! When the temperature goes high in the middle of the day, the connected blinds will lower to create a subdued, cool ambiance. Your home will welcome you in a comfortable ambiance.


Whether home or away, TaHoma provides home management using your smartphone.

User-friendly interface provides intuitive control when managing your connected solutions.

Centralize your connected devices by adding them to Scenes, which send commands based around your everyday lifestyle.

Program your Scenes to automatically trigger at certain times of the day, or by sensor condition.

After connecting your Somfy account to Google Assistant, users can launch scenes with voice-control via Google Assistant.

Connect the <Somfy Asia Oceania> service on the IFTTT app to your Somfy Account and discover endless connected Smart Home solutions.

Details & Specifications

TaHoma® is a wireless easy to install home automation system.

Thanks to this evolutive connected solution, you can easily manage compatible household equipment, such as motorized window treatments, lightings, security & climate sensors and more compatible products coming along.

You have access to those functionalities by using the dedicated TaHoma Living App on your Smartphone(s).

  • Maximum number of devices (all protocols together) : 50
  • Maximum number of zigbee devices : 50
  • Maximum number of RTS devices : 40
  • Maximum number of scenes : 40
  • Maximum number of rooms : 10
  • USB power: Micro USB
  • Radio Protocol: - WIFI 802.11b,g,nv - RTS (433MHz) - Zigbee 3.0 (2.4GHz) 

The Home Intelligence System with TaHoma

Open Services

Google Assistant

Control your blinds, curtains, lights and air conditioning* by using your voice with Google Assistant. Use your voice to set the ambiance with the right lighting and perfect room temperature.

Link on Google Assistant platform with your TaHoma® Account and get more done hands-free.
* IR blaster needs to be added in scenes to work with google assistant


Connect <TaHoma® Asia & Oceania> service on IFTTT platform with your
Somfy account and discover endless connected Smart Home solutions.

 TaHoma with Amazon ALEXA - Configuration Guide (2023)

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