3 Biggest Misconceptions About Motorisation

There are many benefits for getting your window treatments connected. They ensure comfort, convenience, safety, and privacy. Yet some people still hesitate to install them due to misconceptions. Let’s clear up some of the common myths surrounding smart curtains once and for all.

1. Motorised Curtains are very expensive, and are meant for the rich and elite

You may be paying extra dollars over a manual curtain, but the value you get in return is so much more. Everybody deserves comfort, convenience, privacy, and a lifestyle. If you could master the use of motorised curtain effectively, they can actually help you save money: blocking the heat to keep home cool means less air con. In the long run, you are saving on your energy bills.

In fact, automation is getting more and more common, which has brought down its price over the last years. And there are many options to choose from, such as battery operated motorisation which eliminates the cost of wiring and installation, or direct clip-on device is ideal for elementary level of motorisation at an extremely affordable price.

2. Motorised Curtains must be installed during renovation for wiring

When you think you live in a finished home and can’t wire for motorised curtains - Somfy Wirefree range gives you the solution. It doesn’t require wiring nor power outlet because it runs on Lithium battery. You may keep your existing curtain fabric, just change the track and you have a motorised solution.

3. Motorised Curtains cannot be closed during power failure

It is the biggest myth. The truth is all motorised curtains can be operated manually, you can pull the curtain as you wish, it will not break the motor or cause any harm to the system. Rest assured you can cover your window at any circumstances.  

One more misconception – Motorised Curtains cannot cover large windows

Somfy motorised curtains are designed to fit all types of window, large or small on straight or curved track. If you have a project of various specifications, please leave us your contact details, we will be in touch to assist you and put you through to our certified retail Partner to carry out your project.