Discover The Most Versatile Features Of Somfy Motorised Tracks

Touch Motion

Lightly pull the fabric to trigger the motion, even without the use of a remote control, the curtain will run smoothly on its own.

Personalised Favourite Position

Set your curtains to stop at preferred position to create the perfect atmosphere for the occasion. Make use of the scenario feature to incorporate multiple curtains to move simultaneously. Even the speed of the operation can be customised.


The curtain runs lighter and quieter as it brings up its speed gradually at the beginning and slows down on the other end to stop softly for a graceful movement.

Manual Override

A motorised curtain is flexible to operate manually. There is a mechanical system call the Lyrease Technology System, integrated in the gear box, allows to disengage automatically the motor drive shaft for a manual operation. You don’t have to worry about your home being exposed in case of power failure.

Back Release

Have you noticed that when you push your curtains to the end, it gets bunched up because of the volume? It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing is it? With motorisation, when the curtain moves to the end of the track for a completely open position, the fabric rebounds a little to space out the pleat evenly so that the fabric would hang beautifully appearing a more balance look.