Mornin'+ FAQ


Mornin’+ is a clip-on device that attaches to the rail of your existing curtain track to provide an automation function. It has got small wheels to run smoothly on your track in order to glide with your fabric. It is operated by 3pcs of AAA batteries.

Although this device meets the majority of rails found in Singapore, we suggest you to check your rail to ensure it meets these requirements:

A: 6.5mm or more
B 0.5 ~ 2.5mm
C 6.0 ~ 7.0 mm
D 14.0 mm or more

Clip it at the end of the curtain fabric in between the last 2 runners to move curtains across the rail. Watch the video to learn how to install.

It is suitable for tracks up to 4m long.

Mornin’+ can be used on curtains of up to 10kg in weight which is quite adequate for most light weight fabric such as linen, lace and voile. If you have heavier fabric, you can consider our motorised curtain tracks Irismo range.

Absolutely. You would need to install one Mornin’+ per rail. Be reminded that if you have center-opening curtains on both of the layers, then you would need 4 Mornin’+.


No, Mornin’+ is designed specifically to be controlled by your Smartphone. All setting would have to be done on the Mornin'+ App.

Yes, it is possible, but with Bluetooth communication only one smartphone can control a Mornin’+ at one time. However, you can have a maximum of 4 Mornin’+ linked to one smartphone.

No. Once the schedule is set successfully, Mornin’+ would move on its own regardless of the proximity of the smartphone. Even if you have turned off Bluetooth on your smartphone, it would not affect the preset schedule.

No, Mornin’+ is compatible with Bluetooth connection only, meaning you have to be within proximity to control your curtains. It is irrelevant to Internet connection.

Yes, it is possible to open/close your curtains by hand as usual. Mornin’+ is equipped with a lifting mechanism which prevents the wheels to be locked to avoid damages to the device or the curtain.

Mornin’+ is a Bluetooth device, which does not depend on having an Internet connection. It is paired directly with your smart phone, all you have to do is to ensure your Bluetooth setting is turned on.

No, Mornin’+ works on the specific Mornin’+ app, it is a very simple standalone device that gives you easy access to curtain motorisation. If you have a full home automation system at home, it is best to consult our customer service representative to find out the right solution.

No, Mornin’+ is a simple standalone device that works on the specific Mornin’+ app. However we do have solution to connect your curtains to Home Assistant and control via voice, find out more about our motorised tracks and connected Hub Connexoon.

The two products work independently. If you already have Somfy myLink, you could upgrade additional curtain with our motorised track to link up to Somfy myLink.


There are several types of curtain tracks from IKEA namely the Curtain Rod, Curtain Wires and Track Systems. Mornin’+ works only with the Track Systems type.

You need one Mornin’+ for curtain that is left or right drawn. However if you have a center-opening curtain, you would need to install 2 Mornin’+ for each side.

Mornin’+ is so easy to install that you can simply do it yourself, just clip it onto your rail, install Mornin’+ app, pair the device to your smart phone and that’s it. It takes only a few minutes altogether. Check out our video for instruction.

No Mornin’+ is a device designed for motorising your curtains. However we do have many options for motorising your blinds, please contact us directly for a free consultation.

We will be offering DIY blind solution in 2019, leave your email to us to stay tuned for updates. Meanwhile you are very welcome to contact us, we have a network of certified retail Partners who would give you a free consultation.

The two are very different.

Go for Connexoon if you are already equipped with Somfy motors in your curtains and blinds, or you intend to incorporate various types of shades in your home, this way you can create scenarios and schedules with all of your motorised shades. It works on Somfy radio technology which is Somfy’s exclusive platform.

If you are looking for a simple solution to experience curtain automation for the first time, Mornin’+ is the best way to do for immediate set up and at an affordable price.