Motorise your curtains & Blinds for as low as


Do you know how many times you open or close your curtains/blinds each day?

Have you realised that you can simply use your voice to automate them very easily? 

Connected curtains & blinds integrate so seamlessly in your daily life, and they play a role to match perfectly your mood and activities at home.
Imagine these scenarios…

Arrive home to a dimmed room, and grocery in your hands

“Hey Google, let the sunshine in”

Curtains gradually open to allow beautiful sunrays to enter the room

You are in your armchair with your baby sound asleep in your arms

“OK Google, baby's asleep”

Eliminate harsh sunlight without having to get up to close the blinds

Annoying glare hitting on your TV screen during your favourite show

“OK Google, tilt the slats up”

Venetian blind-slats are moved to an angle without direct sunlight in just sec

You realise that your bedroom black out curtains are not drawn only after you’ve tucked yourself in for the night

“Hey Google, good night”

shades are down, curtains are closed for a tranquil night

Want to show off your breathtaking view behind the high ceiling window to your houseguests?

“OK Google, show me the view!”

Sheer curtains open smoothly, gently and quietly to unveil the panoramic view

How cool is it to ask Google or Alexa to automate your connected shades the way you want it!

Automating your curtains and blinds isn’t an additional luxury, its benefits of comfort and pleasure is something everybody desire for home, you’d be surprised the extra aesthetic elements that can elevate your interior décor too. 

Once you’ve tried it, you wish you had installed it sooner.

So are you ready to bring your old fashioned manual curtain and blinds to life?

For as low as $999* you can begin your connected shades experience, to discover the convenience you didn’t know you can have

  • Replace your curtain tracks to Somfy motorised tracks, you can keep your existing curtain if you wish, or choose a new fabric for a fresh look.
  • Connect Somfy Connexoon to your existing router; you can buy Connexoon HERE.
  • Link it up to your Amazon / Google Home device to activate your voice control command. Visit to check out our collection of Applets.

*For one motorised curtain track at $999, you can have:

  • Somfy motorised curtain track of less than 4 meter in length (curtain fabric is not included)
  • One Connexoon
  • Blind installation at normal ceiling height and set-up service

*For one motorised blind at $999, you can have:

  • Somfy motorised roller blind of the size 2.0m (W) x 2.0m (H) with a standard dimout fabric
  • One Connexoon
  • Blind installation at normal ceiling height and set-up service