Comparison Table

Irismo PlusTM 35 WireFree IrismoTM 45 WireFree
Battery Capacity Lithium / 1200 mAh Lithium / 2950 mAh
Charging Time On Power Adaptor 2-4 hours 2 hours
Charging Time On Micro USB Charger 8-10 hours --
Lifetime Per Charge 6 months 12 months
Max. Curtain Weight 35kg 45kg
Max. Track Length 10m 10m
Motor And Track Colour White White
LED (Blink Red When No Battery) Yes Yes
Buzzer (Detects Connection To Track) Yes Yes
Warranty On Battery 2 years 2 years
Warranty On Motor 5 years 5 years
Light Weight Fabric
Linen, Lace, Voile, Silk, Chiffon & Cotton