IrismoTM 45 Wirefree Curtain Track

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Somfy IrismoTM Wirefree range consists of curtain tracks that are battery operated, compact solution to easily motorise your curtains without trailing wires, power socket, or damage on the wall. It is ideal for an upgrade of your curtain in between your home renovations.

IrismoTM 45 Wirefree Curtain Track can carry a maximum of 45kg, it is suitable for heavy fabric types such as brocade or velvet. It has a longer lifetime of 9 months per charge compared with IrismoTM 35.

- Smooth, quiet operation and the ability to set a favourite position with your control.
- It gives you approximately 600 operations which is about 9 months on standard use.
- The battery can either be charged attached or can be removed from the motor.
- Built-in radio receiver – control with a remote, wall switch, smartphone, or voice.
- Voice commands using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant via IFTTT.
  • Lithium Battery With Capacity: 2950mAh
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Charging By: Power adaptor
  • Lifetime Per Charge: 9 months
  • Maximum Curtain Weight: 45kg
  • Maximum Track Length: 10m
  • Maximum Running Time In One Direction: 2min 30s
  • Motor Dimensions: 308mm Length x 93mm Width x 53mm Depth
  • Motor Colour: White
  • Motor Voltage: 100 ~ 240Vac, 50/60Hz
  • Battery: 2 years
  • Motor: 5 years

Help Guides
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